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(See here: “Beyond snobbery, a poisonous elitism in the PAP”.)

“We must…  not allow ourselves to be divided between haves and have-nots,” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his swearing-in speech after the general elections in 2006.

“We govern Singapore in trust..” he added.

This trust is now being tested in several ways.

One, the new so-called 4th generation leadership is fumbling and still trying to find its feet.

You can see this inexperience in recent incidents (they still can’t decide who among them should be the next PM), and in the way several policies were carried through.

As PM Lee and his older colleagues look to stepping down from the helm in the not-too-distant future, it is left to the 4G leadership to show the way, and to present a clear, convincing and inspiring future which Singaporeans can work towards.

At the moment, however, what the 4G has presented, by way of the Committee for the Future Economy and the President’s statement at the opening of Parliament, is nothing inspiring at all.

In fact, the first has been slammed as merely a repackaging of old ideas, while the second was seen as nothing more than motherhood statements along the same lines of years past.

For the sake of Singapore, let’s hope the 4G ministers will heed their own words, if not Mr Han’s – that they will, in the words of 4G minister Heng Swee Keat during the Budget debate in March, listen to Singaporeans “with humility and respect.” Indeed, the 4G leadership need to step up – and they can start by telling Singaporeans what they feel about Mr Goh’s remarks on ministerial salaries, and lay that ghost to rest once and for all.

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