Retail property sales hit $695m in H1 2018

Mr. Gomez is part of New York’s underground wrestling scene, a D.I.Y.

The performers were giddy, supportive and almost nerdy — more LARP-er than jock.

“I watch the crowd all night long,” Mr. Caputo, 70, said.

“I needed to get my life together,” Mr. Dunn said.

“It’s more fun to be a bad guy,” said Mr. Fried, who works in communications at Vice.

Anthony Greene, who wrestles as “Retrosexual Anthony Greene,” stood behind a folding table displaying stickers and sunglasses.

“I only have one left, so I did pretty good,” he said.

Most of the attendees were from Brooklyn and Staten Island.

After the show, wrestlers mingled with fans as the ring was deconstructed and reloaded into the truck.

I didn’t expect that I’d be performing in front of anybody.

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