Singapore recognised to have world’s fastest 4G network – while PM Lee advises Singaporeans to cut down on 4G use

A UK report that compared the 4G performance across 88 nations around the globe found that Singapore has the world’s fastest 4G network, with South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan rounding out the top 5 nations with the fastest network speeds.

UK-based wireless tech company, Open Signal, reported that Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar and Malaysia filled the remaining spots in the top 5 countries around the world with the fastest 4G networks.

Interestingly, the Open Signal report comes as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong advised Singaporeans to cut down on 4G use when they are away from home in an effort to better manage the rising cost of living, during his National Day Rally speech on Sunday.

PM Lee said that Singaporeans should watch the data usage on their mobile phones and avoid using 4G to watch movies outside. Advising the people to download movies using their home Wi-Fi before they step outside, PM Lee also urged Singaporeans to tap on Wireless@SG when available.

To manage the rising cost of living, PM Lee also suggested that the people should go for $3 or less economic meal at hawker centres, be more mindful of water and electricity usage, and use breast milk and avoid more expensive infant formulas to cut down costs, among other tips.

His solutions come as Singaporeans contend with a hefty 30 per cent water price hike that was instated over the past two years, a collective 16.8 per cent electricity tariffs hike so far this year, and the impending Goods and Services Tax hike which will bring the GST up to 9 per cent.

PM Lee has been assuring Singaporeans that the Government will help to manage the cost of living since 2011

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