Form teacher allegedly threatened to punch student and forced class to kneel just so they could know what its like to live during the Japanese occupation

A form teacher allegedly forced his class to sit, stand, squat and then kneel throughout their period, besides threatening one student that he would punch him, just to show his pupils “what our forefathers experienced during the Japanese occupation”.

Redditor u/veryfascinating shared this harrowing encounter online as Singaporeans discussed their experiences with crazy teachers:

The netizen added: “It’s more than 10 years ago so I doubt any teacher can pull the same thing now and get away with it…”

As fellow netizens responded that they would have been scarred for life if a teacher treated them in that manner, u/veryfascinating added that the teacher is still in contact with him and his old classmates to date and that they teacher had kinder moments too:

Meanwhile, other Singaporeans shared their stories of “crazy” teachers they’ve had. From a teacher who allegedly unbuttoned a mischievious student’s school uniform shirt to humiliate him to another teacher who allegedly accused a financially needy student of being a liar, some of these stories are truly troubling:

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