Local men blast young Singaporean women who exclusively want to date white guys

Local men have blasted young Singaporean women who have publicly declared on online dating sites that they are looking to date “white guys” or European men exclusively.

21-year-old Ros is one such young woman who specified online that she is only interested in dating “smart and confident Europeans only.” Another 24-year-old Singaporeans declared that she is looking to exclusively date “white guys.”

She explained: “I would rather date Westerners is because they move out at a young age, making them able to survive independently without a choice, and most importantly, they know what they want in life, and that’s what makes it much attractive to me.”

The 24-year-old added: “As compared to the Asian culture, high cost of living here in Singapore etc, guys don’t move out till much later, and I went through bad experiences whereby the Asian guy still asks his parents for money at the age of 28 and when I had a job then, I paid for almost everything.”

This young woman’s dating preferences received widespread flak from Singaporean men online, prompting the girl to respond: “I really appreciate if people do not judge others for what they truly are, at least they are being honest with themselves alright. If you guys turn the tables around, would you like the same treatment done to you…?”

Despite the girl’s response, local men were upset at women like her who are only looking to date Caucasians and flooded the comments section with angry messages. Here are some of the more polite comments:

Some local women chimed in with support for the young women to prefer dating white guys. One lady, Devi Elangovan, asserted: “You can’t deny that they’re more eloquent than most Singaporeans and can hold a more interesting conversation. I think if Singaporean men don’t like the way things are than they’re to up their game.”

The 24-year-old girl who prompted the uproar over her dating preferences has since deleted her dating profile and her social media profiles, in response to the public backlash.

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