Apple iPhone XS Max prices compared across the region: Who’s the most expensive?

Apple has definitely crossed a new pricing threshold with the launch of the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, its most premium and expensive model to date. 

It’s a known fact that almost everything is more expensive in Singapore when compared to other countries in the region, but exactly how much more are you forking out in Singapore versus elsewhere around the region? 

We take a look at how the iPhone XS Max is priced in different countries around this region:-

As expected, consumers in Singapore are paying the highest price for the iPhone XS Max in all three storage tiers. Japanese consumers, on the other hand, are enjoying significantly lower retail prices for the handset with savings between S$262 to S$320! 

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The prices quoted in this article are based on currency exchange rates at the time of publication, hence do expect slight variations to the actual amount you are paying at the Apple Retail Store in the different market. 

Of course, this also does not take into account your travel-related expenses if you plan to go abroad to pursue these savings. Your best bet is to find a friend or family member who is traveling to either Hong Kong or Japan, and have your preferred new iPhone to hitchhike back with them.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone. 

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