Netizens laud viral open letter pointing to disconnect between the people and the Government

Last week, Facebook user Mr Eugene Wee published an open letter to the Government and expressed dismay over the disconnect between the Government and those they have been elected to serve.

The founder and executive director of a Christian NGO, Mr Wee criticised the Government for consistently telling Singaporeans to “right-size” or downgrade whenever the public expresses concerns about the cost of living and for  carelessly suggesting that people who earn less than half a million are “mediocre,” and said:

“If “mediocre” meant a generation of Singaporeans who love, bleed and gave sacrificially for the country, maybe it’s also time the leaders joined us in being “mediocre”, and maybe “right-size” a little.”

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Dear Ministers, When Singaporeans share about their pains of making ends meet or how they are struggling with living…

Posted by Eugene Wee on Thursday, 23 August 2018

Mr Wee’s post quickly went viral online, garnering 6,000 likes and 4,700 shares so far. Praise for his open letter has been pouring forth with his fellow countrymen lauding him for his pointed suggestions:

Some others, however, disagreed with Mr Wee’s points. One Facebook user, Derek Leong, argued:

Another Singaporean, Loh Siew Kee, said that while he disagrees with some of the comments made by Mr Wee, “The constant push to vote the incumbent team out is not the solution.”

Join the majority of Singaporeans to be “mediocre” – Open letter to Singapore Ministers go viral

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