Dog owner warns other owners to be careful after little dog gets paws stuck in escalator

On September 2, dog owner Cass Lim shared a Facebook post entitled “Do Not Let Your Dogs on the Escalator”, sharing her dog Erwen’s unfortunate escalator accident and warning other dog owners to “carry your pets on escalators or use stationary stairs or a lift if your dog is too heavy to carry. Please don’t let them go through this ordeal.”

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Posted by Cass Lim on Sunday, 2 September 2018

Ms. Lim related that as she and her little dog Erwen were both riding on an escalator, and as they reached the end, she heard her dog scream in pain. She was horrified to see that both of Erwen’s hind paws were stuck in the escalator’s teeth. Ms. Lim, distressed, pulled her dog up and reported that both paws were bleeding profusely, cut from the escalator’s teeth.

Ms. Lim shared her regret about letting Erwen on the escalator, saying, “I was so careless and naive to think that she will be able to ride the escalator just like human.”

From comments on Ms. Lim’s Facebook post, we learned that the dog has already been to see the doctor and her progress is being monitored closely.

Concerned folks on Facebook asked after Erwen’s condition, and Ms. Lim responded, saying that they were waiting for a specialist’s recommendation on Erwen’s injury. “She needs stitches and her paw is split and hanging out. It’s not a simple cut,” she said.

Ms. Lim later updated everyone that Erwen had been discharged from the hospital and was being sent home for recovery and monitoring.

Both Erwen’s hind legs had been stitched and bandaged.

Erwen has been at home, recovering with the help of Ms. Lim’s careful ministrations. The little dog had to be caged for her protection and so she can heal properly.

M. Lim has been patient and very attentive in assisting Erwen with urinating and keeping her fed through a syringe.

People who had been following Erwen’s progress on Facebook gave the little dog and her distressed owner their well-wishes and expressed their gratitude toward Ms. Lim for sharing her ordeal with everyone.

She reached out to people, asking for recommendations for a paw pad graft specialist for Erwen and thanking people for their care, saying, “I would like to thank everyone in here for the support and comfort. During this tiring time, I have received so much warmth and comfort from strangers and friends.”

According to Ms. Lim, Erwen will need one to two months of care to walk again and recover fully. She closed her post by expressing her regret and guilt for allowing Erwen to go through such a painful ordeal.

Her last entreaties of “Please don’t let this happen to your pets! Please share this post as a warning to all pet owners!” should not be taken lightly.

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