Singapore Airlines is the only South East Asian company on TIME’s 2018 top “Genius Companies”

Take a bow, Singapore Airlines. In addition to its many laurels, the nation’s flagship carrier was named part of TIME magazine’s 50 “Genius Companies” list for 2018, along with such business luminaries as Apple, Nike, Disney and Nintendo.

Additionally, Singapore Airlines has also been awarded best airline in this year’s Skytrax Awards.

TIME magazine highlighted the airline’s exemplary service, modernity, and luxurious cabins, with lots of perks and extras for those flying first class and business class, but even economy class passengers get an uncommonly pampered experience, which is highly unusual among today’s uncomfortable and no-frills flights.

TIME’s editors and correspondents all over the world nominated different companies. The final list was chosen based on originality, influence, success and ambition.

According to the magazine, “The result: 50 companies that are driving progress now, and bear watching for what they do next.”

TIME’s Alex Fitzpatrick wrote about Singapore Airlines, “Between the nerve-wracking delays, higher fares and ever-shrinking seats that have come to define modern air travel, it’s only natural to wish there was some other way. It turns out there is—if you’re flying on Singapore Airlines. The flag carrier of its namesake nation, Singapore Airlines was named 2018’s best airline in the sought-after Skytrax awards, thanks in part to its excellent on-board service, ultra-modern fleet, and lush cabins. Singapore’s new Airbus A380 first-class suites are luxe apartments in the sky, complete with a bed, 32-inch TV and complimentary sleepwear.

Down in business class, lay-flat seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, giving every passenger easy aisle access (and if you’re traveling with a loved one in the middle row, you can turn the seats into a double bed). Of course, first and business class is far from affordable, but even Singapore’s economy passengers are treated to amenities like hot towels, mouth-watering menu selections and unexpectedly comfortable seats, making it feel like air travel’s golden era.

‘From hardware investments to a constantly evolving focus on our customer, we are committed to our goal of becoming the industry’s undisputed number one air carrier,’ says Sek Eng Lee, Singapore Airlines Regional Vice President Americas.

For the airline’s next trick, it’s set to relaunch nonstop Newark to Singapore service this October, a nearly 19-hour journey that clocks in at just over 9,500 miles, making it the longest flight in the world. If you’re going to spend nearly a full day airborne, at least you’ll be comfortable.”

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