Singaporeans gripe about being unable to afford even hawker food after following PM Lee’s methods of coping with cost of living

The issues plaguing hawker centres never seem to end. Yesterday evening, netizens took to Facebook to complain about rising costs of hawker food that they are unable to afford if they follow the ways advised by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his National Day Rally earlier this year.

Ironically, while hawkers complain about the endless list of costs they have to bear in order to run their stalls, patrons complain about being unable to afford hawker food.

Some of the methods advised by PM Lee include going to hawker centres for economic meals at $3 or less, being more mindful of water and electricity usage and not using 4G to watch movies outside.

On a Facebook group called ‘Concerned citizens band together for a better Singapore’, netizen Meredith Cat posted photos of a hawker stall at CompassOne mall’s Kopitiam, with each dish costing an average of S$6.50.

The photos were captioned, ‘This is the newest stall in Kopitiam at CompassOne selling Putian dishes, all at $6.50! New high food court price! No putian special noodles…just mee sua n bee hoon’.

Her post spurred many netizes to gripe about the exorbitant cost of living, and to complain about how they would never be able to afford eating at a hawker centre even if they were to follow Prime Minister Lee’s methods to cope with the rising costs of living.


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