Young Singapore woman dies after drinking fruit juice meant to treat gout

A 28-year-old Singapore woman passed away within a span of hours, after she continuously drinking some fruit juice she bought in Geylang for a period of six months after she was told the drink would treat her gout condition.

The young woman known as Titinlismawati began religiously consuming the fruit juice that she bought from a Geylang store after she found that it did indeed relieve pain that was caused by her gout condition in her legs.

Amazed with the quick results, Titinlismawati shared the purple drink with her father who also experienced immediate pain relief. The effects were so fast, however, that it worried Titinlismawati’s father. The 61-year-old man told the Chinese daily:

“I too drank it once or twice and the pain did go away right after. I couldn’t believe it as it was too miraculous and was worrying if it contains strong ingredients.”

Although her father remained wary and stopped drinking the juice, Titinlismawati was not deterred and continued consuming the juice – that is, until last Friday.

On Friday, Titinlismawati’s sister took her to the hospital after she complained of back pain. The doctor reportedly diagnosed her with stomach flu but Titinlismawati’s condition suddenly deteriorated. Her father told reporters:

“The doctor said it was just stomach flu. She consumed the medicine dispensed on the spot but at 11am after returning home, she started having breathing difficulty and kept gasping for air.”

Hours after visiting the hospital, Titinlismawati began having difficulty breathing and was sweating but ran an alarmingly low temperature. Her father performed CPR and her brother called for an ambulance.

Titinlismawati was quickly conveyed to the hospital but lost her life after an intense 8-hour struggle in which doctors tried to save her. Her father said: “The doctor asked us if we want to continue saving her and said even if we managed to bring her back, her brain could be dead. We insisted on saving her but to no avail. She passed away at 9pm.”

Suspicious that the fruit juice had something to do with their child’s untimely death, the family handed the juice over to investigating officers to run tests. This was when the officers and the family discovered that the sale of the juice had been banned in Singapore for a year now because it contains high levels of Dexamethasone.

Dexamethasone is a steroid that prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. Common side effects from consuming the steroid include nausea and vomiting, severe headache, blurred vision, pounding in the neck or ears, and shortness of breath.

Although the exact name of the fruit juice has yet to be disclosed, the Chinese daily reports that the drink was manufactured in Malaysia.

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